Tv Exclusive: We couldn’t stop tears watching videos of Kashmiri Pandits, Darshan Kumar recalls shooting days of ‘The Kashmir Files’

Recently, the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, which was a success at the box office (The Kashmir Files) has recently achieved new success while doing business of more than 100 crores at the box office. In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, the film stars Krishna Pandit (Krishna PanditActor Darshan Kumar, who is seen in the role ofDarshan Kumar) talked about the success of the film and his journey with the character. Darshan said that “I am very happy with this achievement and people are Janardan, they are God, this proof has become true today.”

Recalling his journey with this character, Darshan Kumar says, “As Darshan Kumar, I want to say that I have changed a lot after this film. I am not the same old philosophy because in ordinary life we ​​talk about humanity, we talk about fighting against injustice, but in our film it has been shown that what happens if the spirit of humanity is lost from our life. Right now I have started thinking that it is necessary to respect each other in life.

‘The Kashmir Files’ actor has changed

Darshan Kumar further says that “In our life we ​​cannot study further without taking help from each other. Corona has also taught us this. I will also try in my life now to help people who may have to win, to respect them. Today, after watching the film on social media, the emotional videos of the audience are going viral, but the actors have also shed a lot of tears while making this film. About which Darshan Kumar disclosed.

got emotional

Darshan, who plays Krishna, said, “Before meeting Vivek sir, I had seen some videos which he had given me. After watching the video I had a meeting with Vivek sir but then I could not speak a word to him. He also understood my condition and said that ‘this happened to us too when we were taking interviews of Kashmiri Pandits.’ Vivek sir gave me the script and said that we want you to play the lead character of this film, Krishna Pandit.

Know what Darshan Kumar has to say

Talking about the journey of playing this challenging character, Darshan Kumar further says that when I read the script, I saw that what I have seen in the video is written in this script as well. From reading the script to the completion of the shooting of the film, there will not be a single day that we will not cry. I had to watch videos to play my character so that I could prepare a backstory, even during that time I cried many times. Apart from this, when we actors used to perform while doing scenes, it happened many times that we got so engrossed inside the scene that we found it difficult to stop crying and had to take a couple of hour breaks before the next scene because the next To get into the mood of the scene, it was necessary to get out of the mood first.

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