The film is going to be made on ‘Mahatug’ Sukesh Chandrasekhar, the director started preparations by going to Tihar Jail

Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar: Sukesh Chandrasekhar There has been a lot of discussion for some time. The way he cheated crores while sitting in jail is not easy for anyone to imagine. in his net Bollywood And implicated many actresses of the glamor world and lured them with money. Now a film is going to be made on such an interesting real life story. Film director Anand Kumar has taken the responsibility of making this film in his own hands and is going to make a film on it. Talking about the source, Anand Kumar has come to the country’s capital Delhi in this connection and he recently talked to ASP Deepak Sharma about Sukesh and wanted to know about him. ASP Deepak Sharma has also shared a photo with the filmmaker on his social media account. It has also come to light in the reports that the filmmakers are collecting many unheard things about Sukes which they want to include in their film.

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Director will stay in Delhi for 6 months

Please tell that Anand Kumar is very serious about making this film and he has also booked a hotel for the coming 6 months. In this hotel, he will stay with his team of writers and work on developing the story of this film. From the things that are coming out in the reports about the film, it can be inferred that it is going to be made in a very interesting way.

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The film may be released in 2024-25

However, no information has come to the fore regarding the cast and title of the film. But the film can be made by 2024-35. Talking about Sukesh Chandrashekhar, he is currently in Tihar Jail and the actor is accused of cheating of 200 crores. Sukesh Chandrasekhar had trapped Bollywood’s big actress Jacqueline Fernandes in the trap of his love, in which connection the ED also questioned the actress several times. Now a film is going to be made on Sukesh’s life.

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