Tejasswi Prakash took a new house, so beau Karan Kundrra asked for such a wish

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shining light (Tejasswi Prakash) and Karan Kundra (Karan Kundrra) Often they remain in the discussion for one reason or the other. Often his pictures and videos go viral on the internet. Which his fans like very much. But on the previous day, the couple came into the limelight because of this, because Tejashwi recently moved to his new house in Goa. (Tejasswi Prakash bought a new house) have taken. on which Karan Kundra (Karan Kundrra on Tejasswi Prakash) Giving a reaction, he asked for some such wish that the fans are also surprised to hear. So what is the whole matter, today we are going to tell you in this article.

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Let us tell you that Karan shot his video in Tejashwi’s new house. (Tejasswi Prakash video) Of. Which he shared from his Instagram page (Karan Kundrra instagram story) Shared on. In which it can be seen that Pandit gives the keys of the house to the actress. Tejashwi looks very happy with whom she holds in her hand. During this, Karan captures his expressions in the camera. Sharing the same clip, Karan wrote in the caption, ‘Congratulations baby… you are worthy of the world..! Little hardworking mouse, I am proud of you. I hope you have a home in every city. Different types of reactions of people are being seen on this wish of Karan. Where some people have congratulated Teju. While many people have asked for the couple’s wish to be together forever. Many such comments are being seen.

Apart from this, the actress has made a statement in the past. (Tejasswi Prakash viral statement) Because of this also remained in the discussion. In which he interacted with a media institute (Tejasswi Prakash on bigg boss) I said, “People love to see Karan and if I am with him, they like him. So I want to give full credit to him (Karan). Everyone recognizes Karan whenever we are out. Many times people tell her, ‘You played very well in Bigg Boss’ and I sit there and think, ‘But, I won the show, you didn’t even recognize me’. Then Karan says because he is tall and people can see him from afar.”

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