Such was the journey of Raju Srivastava, sometimes driving auto and sometimes comedy for 50 rupees…

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Raju Srivastava passed away on 21 September. Everyone is broken by the news of his passing. Today we will talk about that moment of his life which he went through with great difficulty. So let’s know- Raju Srivastava was born in Kanpur in the house of a poet. Raju was fond of laughing from the early days. The position he has achieved is not an easy thing for everyone. In 1988, the comedian reached Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. But his journey was not that easy. He was finding it difficult to get work in front of big comedians like Johnny Lever. Because in that era only Johnny Walker and Johnny Lever’s comedy was craze among the people. But it is said that if you have passion then you can achieve anything.

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Something similar happened with Raju Srivastava. In an interview given to a media organization, Raju had told that when he reached Mumbai, people did not consider comedians as a big artist. At that time comedy used to start with Johnny Walker and end with Johnny Lever. When he did not get work, he was also short of money. He drove an auto to meet the expenses.

Let us tell you that Raju Srivastava had told that he used to make people traveling in autos laugh by telling jokes. In return, he used to get a tip along with the rent. Then one day he got a break for stand-up comedy after being told about a ride in an auto. After many years of struggle, he started getting shows. At that time 50 rupees were available as remuneration. During the days of comedian’s struggle, he used to do comedy for 50 rupees by going to the birthday party. Had he not been recognized by the Laughter Challenge, today the story would have been different. Let us tell you that Raju Srivastava was seen in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, in which he has also been a coviner. He played the role of Gajodhar Bhaiya in this show. This character of his was shadowed from house to house.

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