Short Film Premiere: Naseeruddin Shah and Rasika Duggal have a special connection, the actress revealed at the premiere of the short film

After screening at several prestigious film festivals, now finally the premiere of Rasika Duggal’s short film ‘The Miniaturist of Junagadh’ with Bollywood’s renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah, Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short. It has been released on the YouTube channel of Films. The famous actress from Mirzapur is thrilled that she has got a chance to work with her mentor Naseeruddin Shah who guided her at FTII and the audience can see the two sharing the screen together.

Let us tell you, this short film starring Rasika and Naseeruddin was nominated as the Best Short Film at the New York Indian Film Festival, it has also been screened at the Cincinnati Indian Film Festival. Not only this, this short film was also officially selected by India for the International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto and the Indian Film Festival Stuttgart. Set in 1947, this story unravels the secrets of a beautiful mini-collection of the Miniaturists of Junagadh, which a family is determined to preserve.

Know what Rasika has to say

Talking about her short film, Rasika Dugal says, “I have been very impressed by the beautifully portrayed this story by Kaushal. While making the film, he has worked on every detail of the film in such an excellent manner, due to which I am sure that this film will bring a special experience for the audience. With the actors involved in this short film, the audience will be able to go into that world and experience a new story.

Rasika Duggal was a student of Naseeruddin Shah

Rasika Duggal further says that this is a special film for me as it gave me a chance to act with Naseer Saab who was my teacher in FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), I have learned a lot from him but this short film Because of this, I got a chance to become his student once again. I am glad that after being screened in many film festivals, this film will now reach all the audiences.”

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