Sharad Kelkar was about to get slapped after ‘Operation Romeo’

New Delhi:

Sharad Kelkar (Sharad Kelkar) Has worked in many films. In which he has surprised people with his acting. But the recently released film ‘Operation Romeo’ (Sharad Kelkar in Operation Romeo) He played a very intense character in (Sharad Kelkar intense character) had played. After seeing which the audience was angry for that character. You will be surprised to know that he made this character alive with his acting in such a way that people were going to slap him for his actions. This has been disclosed by Sharad himself. His fans are quite surprised to know about this.

actor (Sharad Kelkar latest statement) Said, “After a few days of shooting for the film, I went to Neeraj Pandey (filmmaker) sir’s office. I told him, ‘It is not happening to me, it is very difficult. I said, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing. I am getting tired. People will hit me with slippers. Surprisingly, Neeraj sir said, ‘If you are feeling like this then it is working for the film.'”

People’s reaction after release (Viewers reaction on Operation Romeo) Sharad also told about this. In which he said, “Many of my friends called me after watching the film. Despite knowing who I am, he said ‘man kar tha ek chata maru tujhe’. They were very happy with my performance. Not that I was worried about the film. But, I was under a lot of stress during those 20-30 days of shooting, it was all because of the character, but it paid off.”

He says, “Every actor works differently. I don’t do much rehearsals because it gets mechanical.” Talking about playing an intense character like Mangesh Jadhav, the actor said, “I was feeling disgusted. The whole film was shot at night. After packing I used to think about what I was doing on my way home. I am the father of an eight-year-old daughter. But then this is the life of an actor; we have to go through pain and this process. It was very painful for me.”

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