Salman Khan’s heroine is about to become a mother, left showbiz and held the hand of Maulvi

Mumbai: from movies to Big Boss visible till Sana Khan (Sana Khan) The industry has gone forever. He himself announced this two and a half years ago. She is walking on the path of Allah away from the world of glamor and glamour. With this step, he had taken another big step. The actress quietly married Mufti Anas Syed. He himself had also disclosed this thing. Meanwhile, now Sana Khan and her husband Mufti Anas Syed have shared the good news coming in their lives with everyone. Sana Khan is going to become a mother after two and a half years of marriage. The actress is pregnant. The couple told everyone that they are going to be parents soon. In fact, the actress and her husband have disclosed this on a TV channel. After which Maulvi Mufti has also pointed this out while posting a post. Mufti Anas has shared pictures with her Begum Sana and through the caption has pointed towards the good news to everyone. Sana Khan and her husband will become parents this year. It is believed that after 3 months, Sana will give birth to her first child.

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Questions were raised on marriage

Sana Khan’s decision to quit showbiz took everyone by surprise. Many people even believed that they have been mindwashed. But Sana herself came forward and clarified that she is taking this decision on her own free will. She now wants to worship Allah. Two and a half years ago, in November, Sana had married a Maulvi. Hearing this news, no one could believe it. People had also raised questions on the marriage of both. At present, Sana is happy with her husband and keeps sharing videos with him.

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