RK/RKay Movie Review: How successful was the return of Mallika Sherawat, read the review of the film here

Movie : RK/RK

Starcast: Rajat Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Kubra Sait, Ranvir Shorey, Manu Rishi Chaddha

Writer-Director: Rajat Kapoor

Producer: Mithya Talkies and Priyanshi Films

Release : 22 July 2022

Rating : 2/5

On the one hand, the trend of making commercial films has increased in the Bollywood industry. So on the other hand, other such films are also being made, which have saved parallel cinema. Bollywood director and actor Rajat Kapoor The film of RK / RK is a similar film. Made out of the rut of commercial films, this film has been directed by Rajat Kapoor himself and he has also handled the acting. Mallika Sherawat is also making a comeback in this film after a long time. Let’s know how is the story of this film.

The story of the director is RK / RK

The special thing about this film is that it has been made through crowd funding. Talking about the story of the film, it is actually a director’s story. Rajat Kapoor has played the role of both director and actor in the film. That is, Rajat Kapoor is in a double role in the film. At the same time, Ranvir Shorey is also seen in the role of director’s story in this film. The story of this film is of a director who is playing the character of a person named Mehboob in the film. The story of the film begins when Mehboob (Rajat Kapoor) goes missing from the film for editing. A report is lodged at the police station to find him.

Eventually Mehboob meets at the railway station. But when he learns that he has a dying scene in the film, he refuses to go into the story. Here Rajat Kapoor has tried to bring humor. In the film, Mallika Sherawat plays Gulabo, who is deeply in love with Mehboob. Talk about the character of Ranvir Shorey, he has also played the character of the director’s story. A glimpse of his double role has been shown in the story. Because his character also leaves the film.

Mallika Sherwat returns

Mallika Sherawat is returning to cinema after a long time in this film. In the film, Mallika is in the role of Gulabo, who is very much in love with Mehboob i.e. the character of the film. Special care has been taken of Mallika Sherawat’s look in the film. Mallika has tried to do full justice to the character of Gulabo. Mallika, who is returning after a long time, is in a very different and spontaneous character in this film.

watch or not watch movie

The film RK/RK is not understood at all in the beginning. Its story begins to be understood when Mehboob, the character of the film, goes missing and is then found. It would not be wrong to say that this film is not less than a delusional. An attempt was made to match the film to the times of the old era. The viewer can only guess while watching the film. Music did not play a special role in the film. Rajat Kapoor’s story is excellent, but he could not present it according to the understanding of the audience. The episodes of the film are confusing. Well, the audience can guess it by watching the film itself.

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