R Madhavan said about the record-setting swimmer’s son- Vedanta’s achievements are not as much as the attention he is getting

Actor R Madhavan (R Madhavan) On Sunday, July 18, his swimmer son Vedant Madhavan (Vedaant Madhavan) shared video of. He broke the national junior record in the 48th Junior National Aquatic Championship. Vedant won the gold medal in 1500m freestyle. Madhavan keeps sharing his son’s achievements on social media. While Madhavan is happy about his son’s achievements, on the other hand he is cautious. He is also aware that Vedanta is getting more attention than it needs.

Vedant Madhavan is aware of the truth

He told ‘India Today’ that Vedanta, me and Sarita know that he is getting a lot of attention because he is my son. The amount of fame he is getting now, his achievements are not of that level yet. She has just won a few competitions and she has a long way to go. India has good swimmers in his age group. The good news is that Vedanta is aware of this.

won gold medal earlier

Madhavan also said that Vedanta will continue to train without giving his head to any fame. Vedanta broke the record set by his own teammate Advaita Page in 2017 by taking 16:01.73 seconds. Advait had set the record with 16:06.43 seconds. Vedanta was in news in April this year when he won gold in the men’s 800m freestyle at the Danish Open in Copenhagen.

Vedanta wants to make its mark

Although Vedanta has also said earlier that he does not want to live in the shadow of his father. I want to make a name for myself, don’t just want to be R Madhavan’s son. He said that his parents take great care of him, work hard for him. Madhavan had also shifted to Dubai for his son. Vedanta is 15 years old now.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect continues

Madhavan’s recently released ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ film is doing wonders at the box office. The performance of the film is excellent even after the release of 2 new films. The film, based on the life of former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) rocket scientist Nambi Narayanan, has got a rating of 9.3 on IMD. The film had a slow start, but later it picked up pace. It is believed that the film will earn at least 40 crores at the box office.

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