Por Thozhil Movie | Tamil movie that looted crores is ready for Telugu streaming.. There will be more twists than Rakshasudu movie..!

Por Thozhil Movie On Ott | There is no one who does not like thriller genre movies. Not now.. There is a separate audience for thriller movies from generations. Thirty years ago, how many of the audience were thrilled to see the edge-of-the-seat thriller called Ektana. However, one day many such films made the audience sweat even in the AC. Thriller films should have a proper story and an engaging narrative, but the producers are showered with money. Lately, there are no films that make the audience sit on the edge of the seat thriller. Less than four years ago, Bellamkonda Srinivas made Rakshasudu. This movie did not frighten the general public. Even though it is a remake of a Tamil movie, it has been presented neatly without spoiling the story in Telugu. If cut, Bellamkonda’s first hit in his career. Not only from the critics but also commercially, this movie has looted crores.

Vishnu made this film five years ago in Tamil with the name Ratsasan. Still the best thriller movie in Tamil industry is called Ratsasan movie. But again after all these years a movie came out in Tamil in the range of that movie. That’s Por Tozil. This film, which was released in Tamil less than two months ago, is not all the records set there. This movie became the biggest blockbuster in hero Ashok Selvan’s career. Many people who have seen the movie, including the Tamil batch, say that from the first frame of the movie to the last frame, it was full of excitement. Moreover, Ratsasan has given reviews that there are twists beyond the movie.

Vishwa made efforts to release this movie in Telugu. But it could not be done due to several reasons. But now this movie is being prepared for OTT streaming. Apart from Tamil, the film will be made available in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam languages. The movie will be streaming from August 11 on popular OTT company Sony Liv. Directed by Vignesh Raja, Sarath Kumar played a pivotal role in this movie.

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