Venkatesh: Super response to ‘Rana Naidu’ in OTT.. Do you know how much remuneration Venky took for this series?..

Rana Naidu is the latest web series starring Victory Venkatesh… Daggubati Rana in lead roles. Both of them made their debut on the digital platform with this series. In this, Venky appeared in completely different roles. In real life, they are fathers, fathers and sons. While Rana is a powerful police officer in this series, Venky is seen as a criminal who has served 14 years in prison after committing a crime. Rana is seen as a son who hates his father immensely. The Rananayudu series which is streaming on popular OTT platform Netflix from March 10 is getting a good response. In this order, an interesting news about this series is doing the rounds on social media. That’s how much remuneration Venky and Rana took for this series. Fans are very interested in these things.

According to the latest information, Venky has paid around Rs. Talk like taking 12 crores. Also.. Rana Rs. 8 crores as reported. This Hindi serial is directed by Karan Anshuman and Suparn S. Varma. The series is produced by Sundar Aaron, Locomotive Global.

It is known that the characters of Venky and Rana in this series are completely different from their real lives.. It has many dark shades.

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