Unstoppable With NBK Season 2: ‘Balakrishna will be seen in a never seen new avatar’.. Director Prashanth Varma comments..

The popular Telugu OTT medium Aha.. always impresses the movie lovers with its latest content. Super Hit Movies.. Suspense Thriller Web Series, Talk Shows are entering the digital platform. It is known that previously Nandamuri Natasimha Balakrishna hosted Unstoppable with NBK talk show. The show got an amazing response from the audience. Balayya, who has always impressed with action films.. acting as a commentator for a talk show for the first time.. apart from entertaining the audience with his own comedy.. gently elicited answers to the questions of the audience from the guests. Unstoppable with NBK season 1 received a record response. And now season 2 is coming.

Mana Aha has once again teamed up with star director Prashant Varma for season 2. Prashant Varma, who made a name for himself with films like Zombie Reddy and Kalki, started his journey in 2011 with a short film called Deenamma’s life. His journey that started like that went on to directing Unstoppable Season 1. Nandamuri Balakrishna has been shown so great that we can even see it like this. Now again, Prashant Varma is going to show Nandamuri Balakrishna in a way that no one expected.

Director Prashant Varma said, “I am very excited when Balakrishna is doing a talk show. I got the chance to shoot the first promo. Aha they approached me for the first promo. We did the first promo to be in the range of what the fans want from his movies. It got a lot of response. Big international awards like hobbies also came. He met me again while doing season 2. This made me a bit tensed. Because season 1 was not expected to be such a big hit. We wanted season 2 to be more than season 1. We wanted to be crazy. Got many ideas. Finally I wrote a story. Everyone liked it. The predictions were also the same. The makers of Aha did not hesitate to make such a budget for a talk show promo. We have been shooting day and night since two days. Balakrishna will be seen in a never seen new avatar. You all will love this promo. I hope Season 2 will get a better response than Season 1.

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