Tollywod: Test of fire for guys.. what kind of Swami is this.. can give one hit..!

Tollywood:Time is not good for boy heroes in the industry. Not one or two.. Many medium range heroes are in flops now. Their movies are coming like this..they are going like least there are movies that left without knowing what they came from. And who are the heroes whose face swelled in that range of hits.. What are the movies they are doing then..? Bad time took revenge on the boy heroes. Successive flops mock even the most bankable heroes. Even medium range stars like Nani and Naga Chaitanya are not able to do any magic. The audience does not even remember that the films of heroes like Vaishnav Tej and Nithin came. Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Tej stopped appearing recently. And many people have a bad time.

Nitin flopped bigger than expected with Macher’s constituency. All his hopes are now on Vakkantham Vamsi movie. And even I was disappointed with the beauty. Having forgotten that result, they are looking to hit a blockbuster with Dussehra. Lal Singh Cheddha and Thank you gave a break to Chaithu, who was on a roll with successive victories. Currently, he is committed to Venkat Prabhu’s film. Gopichand too has been looking for the right hit for a long time. Even the mega boys are still being haunted by plaguing.

Varun Tej, who was badly disappointed with Gani, is currently coming up with two experimental films. And Vaishnav Tej is failing to show his mark after the surge. Sai Dharam hasn’t come up with another movie till now after the Tej accident..Republic which he did before that didn’t play. After all, if all these heroes do not hit urgently, there is no danger of the market falling further.

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