Telugu Indian Idol Season 2: Doctor in America.. But Indian Idol with passion for music

Aha, which is impressing the audience with 100 percent Telugu content, is also entertaining with game shows and talk shows. OTT company Aha, which is already providing unlimited entertainment to the audience with super hit movies, has gained a lot of audience. Along with these, Aha is bringing many singers to the limelight by crowning their talents. Telugu Indian Idol is introducing many good singers while impressing the audience. Telugu Indian Idol has completed its first season with good viewership. Now it is ready for its second season. Season 2 auditions are currently underway.

Many excellent singers are coming to these auditions and showing their talent. Recently also introduced Jawaan Chakrapani. Chakrapani, who serves the country, dazzles with her voice. Aha recently introduced another sweet voice.

Her name is Shruti Nanduri. Shruti is a doctor in America. Shruti also practiced music while doing medical service professionally. Shruti said that her goal is to combine music with medicine. Aha has released a promo for Shruti Nanduri. Listen to her amazing voice.

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