Tamil Rockers: Who are the real Tamil rockers? Where are you? Interesting teaser..

Tamil Rockers Teaser: Piracy is a major problem plaguing the film industry. The industry has been suffering losses due to piracy for many years. The day after its release in theatres, Nettinta was doing a piracy frenzy. They are not visible to the eye, they do not know where they are, but the websites upload the movies. Tamil Rockers is one such piracy site. Knowing that piracy is against the law, some scammers go to extreme lengths to earn money.

Meanwhile, a web series is being made based on this Tamil rockers website. Arivalagan is directing this series. As he is the assistant director of famous director Shankar, the web series got a good buzz. This series is opening with Arun Vijay in the lead role. Soon this web series will be streaming on Sony Live. In this background, the film unit has recently released the teaser of this web series. How producers are losing due to piracy.

It is understood that this series is based on the elements of how the Ketugals are doing piracy. Who are the real Tamil rockers in the teaser? Where are you?’ Such questions raised the expectations of the series. Another feature is that AVM is the producer of this web series. But it remains to be seen whether this series will be released in Telugu as well. Take a look at the interesting teaser.

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