Samantha: Samantha’s interesting comments on Tollywood nepotism.

In Koffee with Karan 7 show, Tollywood star heroine Samantha (Samantha) made noise with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. In the film Pushpa, Sam acted in a special song Oo Antava Mava.. Uhu Antava with Akshay. The episode related to both of them was aired on Thursday night. In this, Sam reacts on her personal life.. career.. marriage.. divorce. Also Tollywood made interesting comments about nepotism. He said that many heroes in Telugu cinema become heroes only by their children and relatives. It is very rare for people like Vijay Deverakonda to become stars. What are your thoughts on ‘big boys club’ nepotism in the Tollywood industry? Karan asked.

Samantha said.. ” I know that it is different from one apple to another. Children of Nepo.. Children of Non-Nepo. Everyone has their own ideas.. talents. They also have their own talent. When a father is a coach he stands on the sidelines while his son is playing a game. And what he can’t do to win the game.

After I entered the industry, even if my films were a disaster..if I failed, only my parents and brothers would know. But if the children of a star hero fail, the whole country will know. They are always trolled. Compared to inheritance. He said that he does not think that all superstars are great actors.. All great actors are superstars. There should be luck along with God’s grace. Our success is determined by the audience.

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