RRR Movie: Jakkanna movie that is also making a splash in digital streaming .. as the most popular Indian movie in that OTT ..

RRR Movie OTT: Director Dheeru Rajamouli, megapower star Ramcharan, Young Tiger Jr. NTR (JR.NTR) combination film RRR (RRR). Bollywood beauty Alia Bhatt, Hollywood kisser Olivia Morris, Shriyasharan, Ajay Devgn, Samudra Khani and others have played key roles. Released worldwide on March 25, this periodical entertainer rained down cash at the box office. Ramcharan as Alluri and NTR as Bhim would have excelled in their respective roles. Many celebrities have praised Rajamouli Taking taking the film to another level. The Pan-India movie, which has been raining down collections in theaters, is now making its way to OTT.

The Hindi dubbed version of RRR will be streaming on popular OTT Netflix from May 20. 45 million hours of RRR streaming since then. Jakkanna has set a rare record as the most popular Indian film on Netflix. This was announced by Netflix via social media. RRR has raked in Rs 1,200 worldwide in theaters. Later the Hindi dubbed version will be streamed on Netflix. The Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada versions will be streamed on the popular OTT G5 platform. The producers have also released the RRR movie in IMAX, 3D and Dolby movie versions.

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