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The suspense thriller web series Rekki will be streaming on the popular OTT platform G5. The series is a gripping period thriller from the 1990s. The story is 7 episodes long (25 minutes each). The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The makers released the Reiki Motion poster on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion director Poluru Krishna said today .., the story revolves around the murder of Tadipatri Municipal Chairman. It entertains the viewers with a number of thrilling events. How Tadipatri Municipal Chairman Varadaraju planned the assassination in 1992. The story is about how Inspector Lenin investigated and solved this case.

Looking at the “Rekki” appearance in the motion poster, it looks like a roller-coaster ride rich with thrilling drama as well as exciting twists & turns. Coming in Rayalaseema backdrop, this web series is even more exciting. The notorious faction in Tadipati seems to have explored around the topic of violence. Through movies and other pop culture phenomena, we only know about the assassinations of high-level faction leaders. However ‘Rekki’ through the web series uncovers the hidden things behind a deadly event. The plot description indicates how the series’s edge is going to be. “In Tadipati in the early 90’s, Rookie sub-inspector Lenin was assigned the task of solving the twin murders there. Were these murderers politically motivated, did the party commit or was there a darker side to it? Lenin’s research into the discovery of some unpredictable mysteries.

Shriram and Shivabalaji have done roles that have never been done before. The main parts of the series were shot in Anantapur. The director and other technicians own the story of the series and explain the real events to the audience. Stories like this coming with the Rural Faction Crime Drama have been around for a long time and audiences will definitely like this web series.

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