Puneeth Rajkumar: Puneeth’s last movie ready for OTT release.. Gandada Gudi streaming when and where?

Kannada superstar Puneeth Rajkumar passed away due to a heart attack in October 2021. But before Puneeth’s death, he had several films in hand. Due to this, there was confusion about their releases. However, the director and producer somehow completed all the films due to their admiration for Puneeth. After Puneeth’s passing away, the films James and Luckyman became super hits. Fans competed to see the out-of-this-world Puneeth on the silver screen. Appu’s last film was Gandhada Gudi. Puneeth’s friend Amogha Varsha directed this wildlife documentary shot in the backdrop of the forests of Karnataka. Power Star’s wife Ashwin Puneeth Rajkumar acted as the producer. The audience flocked to the movie Gandhada Gudi, which was released last year on the occasion of Puneeth’s death anniversary (October 22). Especially the fans flocked to see Puneeth on the silver screen for the last time. Pujas and large-scale food donations were organized at the theatres. Puneeth, who is a self-confident nature lover, played the same role in this too. Gandada Gudi, which was a huge success in theatres, is all set for its digital premiere.

Leading OTT company Amazon Prime Video has acquired the digital rights of Gandhada Gudi. The film will be streaming from tomorrow (March 17) on the occasion of Puneeth Jayanti. The OTT company has not given any information about the dubbing versions of this Kannada language film. And enjoy Puneeth’s last movie, Gandhada Gudi, without sitting at home. Also, in this movie, the forests and beautiful places of Karnataka state have been well shown. So.. have a look at them too.

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