Prabhas Interesting Comments: Prabhas in love! If not with her..? With this..? Clarity video..

Darling Prabhas is the most eligible bachelor quota. Not only in Tollywood.. even through out India.. in the list of celebrities who are ready to get married.. our hero who is on the top.. finally because of the unstoppable show.. because of the leaks given by another star hero in that show.. he gave clarity about his marriage. And with those words.. Nettinta tribe is going viral with unstoppable promos.S! Prabhas, who appeared as a guest on Balayya Anon’s stoppable show, made him stop with his latest episode streaming. Aha was left speechless for a while among the ecstatic fans. Later, the Aha team.. by setting the OTT.. entertained their fans with their words. Prabhas’ fans who saw the words he spoke to Balayya about his wedding are now highlighting the words. In the words of Prabhas, with the hint given by Cherry in a phone call, Prabhas came to the clarity that he is still in love. But Nettinta is commenting that they are not getting the clarity of our darling girlfriend.. Kriti Sanon.. or Anushka. But this matter is not for Darling’s hard core fans.. Even Balayya, the host of the show, does not know.. Now Nettinta is highlighting the issue.

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