Pawan Kalyan: Do you know the specialty of the black hoodie worn by Pawan in the Balayya show? That’s why it’s style ka bop..

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s style ka baap, be it reel life or real life. His dressing and costumes attract the youth. Needless to say, the stylish costumes worn by Pawan in previous films like Balu, Gudumba Shankar and others have created a sensation. Still maintaining the same style, he once again attracted everyone’s attention with his fashion sense. The stylish black hoody that wore power became the centerpiece attraction in the unstoppable show hosted by Nandamuri Balakrishna. Everyone is talking about this dress on social media. Pawan’s fans are actively searching for black hoodies on social media as well. The tribe is searching on social media to know the company and price details. According to the details available online, it seems that this black hoodie belongs to the Hugo Boss company. Its price in foreign currency is 245 dollars. And in our Indian currency it is between Rs.20 thousand to Rs.27 thousand.

Both Balayya fans and Power Star fans are eagerly waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s episode on Balayya show. The shooting for this has already been completed. The already released photos and promos have created a sensation in a range. Balayya asked Pawan many questions related to film affairs as well as politics. Questions were asked about the alliance with TDP and criticism of Pawan in political life. Balakrishna asked questions about Pawan’s personal life in his own style. To know the answer to all these questions… we have to wait for the unstoppable show.

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