Oscar 2023-Kartiki Gonsalves: It was that incident that put her on the stage of Oscar.. 450 hours of footage for a 45 minute film.. 18 months of hard work..

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles. It won two Oscars for the first time in the much-awaited ceremony in front of the eyes of the whole world. First, ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ won the Best Documentary Short Film Award from Manadesh. After that, the song Natu Natu won the Oscar Award in the Best Original Song category. But it was The Elephant Whisperers that grabbed everyone’s attention on the Oscar stage without any rush. On this occasion, director Karthiki Gon Salven and producer Guneet Mogna received the Oscar awards on the Vishwavedi in traditional Indian sarees. He thanked the team of the Academy for recognizing their hard work and giving them the prestigious award. This short film will be streaming on popular OTT platform Netflix.

The story of The Elephant Whisperers..

Raghu and Ammu are two orphaned baby elephants. The story of the couple who adopted them. Director Karthik Gon Salven received the award today on the stage of Oscar after shooting 450 hours of footage for this film which is only 45 minutes long. In this sequence, The Elephant Whisperers shared interesting facts about the film journey.

The beginning of the story.. the incident that turned the life around..

Karthi is a nature lover. She is also very fond of photography. With the aim of becoming a photographer, she did her degree in visual communication and PG in photography and film making. Karthi’s father is a photographer. Mother likes dumb animals. Grandma is a lover of nature. Five years ago, while going home, Karthik saw a man walking with a baby elephant. The connection between Valliddhari caught her attention. Talking to him, he told how he found a lost baby elephant. That incident turned her career around. The Elephant Whisperers inspired the film to be made.

Karthik said that in this movie, both Boman and Belli are the ones who are really raising the baby elephants. She traveled with them for almost 18 months to make them feel that the camera is not in front of them. Bonded with them. About 450 hours of footage was received. At the same time, with Boman and Belly getting married.. Karthik said that there was an opportunity to convey the culture of the Kattanayakan tribe on screen.

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