Netflix: The users who gave a big shock to Netflix.. 10 lakh people simultaneously..

Netflix: Subscribers have given a huge shock to the popular OTT platform Netflix. It lost nearly 10 lakh subscribers within three months. However, unofficially, it has lost 20 lakh subscribers in the first quarter of this year and is expected to lose another 20 lakh in the next three months. However, the company has announced that they lost only 9,70,000 subscribers from April to June.

And Netflix, which is known as the only streaming service that has 222 million users worldwide.. Users are gradually moving away from Netflix. 37 million in 2020 and 18 million in 2021. It must be said that the recent loss of up to 10 lakh subscribers will be a big blow to the company. The reason for this seems to be the high subscription charges.

If this is the case.. Netflix is ​​making various efforts to turn the users back towards them. It is trying to provide some relief to the users in terms of money by bringing the options Ad Home and Ad Another soon.

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