Netflix New Rules: Sharing Netflix Passwords? This big shock is for you..!

Netflix New Rules: It can be said that among the existing OTT platforms, Netflix is ​​the one that charges the highest charges. However, Netflix is ​​making various efforts to increase its revenue. Besides increasing the number of subscribers, it is also trying to control users sharing their passwords and accounts with friends. A key decision was taken as part of this. Checking the password sharing problem.. trying to bring a new feature. Moreover.. Netflix is ​​thinking of charging a fee if the password is shared. As part of this, it has introduced ‘Ad Home’ and ‘Ad Extra Member’ options for new users in many countries.

Accordingly.. Subscribers have to create a ‘home’ to add people living in the same house. Everyone in that home can access Netflix on any device. It can also be used while traveling outside the home. However, giving someone in another household access to your Netflix account will incur a small fee. Add extra members have to add. This will incur additional charges. However, this feature, which is currently being implemented only in many countries, is not known when it will come to India.

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