Motivational Story: Amitabh’s story of how an elder can become great by sharing with the viral on nettint

Different types of content often go viral on social media. Many of these things are very funny and some are quite emotional. At the same time there are things in life that give you knowledge that no book can give you. No studies or books can provide the things that are said from some experiences.. We also get such a great experience of the essence of life from the things circulating on social media. One such video is currently trending on social media. This was shared by an IAS officer. After seeing it, one feels that the experience of a lifetime is meaningful. Seniority in life does not mean ruling over the younger ones.

A video related to the story told by Bollywood senior actor Megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Kaun Banega Karorpati show has gone viral. In this, Big B tells a story that will leave a deep impression on your life. First day in a school.. 9th digit hits 8th digit. Then 8 cried and asked why you hit me.. Nine replied that you are younger than me. So the 8th digit hit the 7th digit which is smaller than it. One got her turn.. Then Sunna got her turn.. thinking she went aside with fear.. Then one said don’t be afraid I won’t hit her and sat near Sunna. Then one and zero became number 10.. the value increased.

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The lesson we get from this story is.. the elder never looks down on the younger.. never exploits him. This video was shared by IAS officer Avanish Sharan. Many netizens liked this video. More than nine lakh people have watched the video.

Some provide employment to people through their education, art, industry etc. and they contribute to the welfare of the society. So that people can learn things from them and develop themselves. Others are also developed. This is life. Even the purpose of life! This is possible in human life! To live for oneself is animalistic.. While oneself is alive.. To provide a basis for the four to live is divinity.

People are liking this video a lot on social media. Another user wrote that this video really made my day.

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