Meet Cute: Nani’s sister who became a director.. When is Meet Cute streaming on OTT?

Natural star Nani is one of the heroes who rose in Tollywood without any godfathers. He is currently a minimum guarantee hero in the Telugu film industry and is also excelling as a producer. He is making a name for himself as a passionate producer by making interesting films like Aa and Hit. Another person from the Nani family, who grew up as a star hero through self-help, is entering the industry. His sister Deepti took the megaphone. She herself wrote and directed the web series Meet Cute. Adah Sharma, Varsha Bollamma, Sridivya, Sameer, Ashwin Kumar, Sathyaraj, Ruhani Sharma, Rohini Molleti, Siva Kandukuri and others acted in key roles. Nani is acting as the producer. This series, which has already completed all the stages, is ready for streaming as an OTT platform. This series, which is an anthology with a collection of five stories, will be telecast on Sony Live from 25th of this month.

On Monday, the cute meat series organized a special event called pre-streaming celebrations. Speaking on the occasion, Deepti said, ‘I have done a short film in the past. I wrote a story in Meet Cute and told it to my nanny. He suggested that an anthology series can be made if three or four more stories like this are written. How are conversations between strangers on trips and other occasions? I wrote this script with hypothetical thoughts. I am in the process of preparing a love story for Nani.’

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