Major-Aha: Major team noise in Aha .. Sarkar 2, Adivi Shesh in Telugu Indian Idol ..

Major is currently busy with film promotions. The film, which stars young and talented hero Adivi Sesh in the lead role, is all set to release on June 3. The already released Major trailer has created interest on the movie. With the release date approaching, Chitraunit has sped up promotions. It was during this sequence that the major team made a fuss over the popular Telugu OTT platform Aaha. This week, Adivi Shesh and Shobhita Dhulipala participated in ‘Sarkar 2’ and ‘Telugu Indian Idol’ shows together.

The OTT platform has provided us with countless stories and shows. It kept us entertained no matter what mood we were in. Mana Aha is a platform that always spreads something new in Telugu logs. This week also brings us a buzz and music that we have never seen before. 100% local entertainment platform that has attracted customers with shows like Telugu Indian Idol, Sarkar 2, this week ‘Major’ team ‘Adivi Shesh is going to entertain their beloved fans with Shobhita Dhulipala.

Sarkar 2 is a show hosted by anchor Pradeep Machiraju. Pradeep, who has been entertaining and mesmerizing everyone for a week, is all set to make a splash with the Major Team this time around. The show will be streaming on Aha on Friday at 6 p.m.

Music is the Telugu Indian Idol popularly known as the Voice of the Telugu Indian Idol. This week’s show is not all about Adivi Shesh and Shobhita. If Adivi Shesh is mesmerized by the Vagdevi song, he is the one who asks Vaishnavism to dance. The Telugu Indian Idol show will be streaming this Friday and Saturday at 9 pm in Aaha.

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