KGF OTT: KGF 2 released on Amazon Prime .. but the conditions apply .. Aventante ..

KGF OTT: The KGF sequel KGF2, directed by Prashanth neel, is notable for its solid content. There is no doubt that this movie starring Yash as the hero has invaded the Indian box office. Rs. The film has collected 1200 crores. The movie, which has been pouring in theaters, has recently been made available on Amazon Prime. Do you want to see another movie with Prime subscription? Amazon has given users a twist right here. That is ..

It is not possible to watch a KGF movie with a normally taken subscription. Users will have to pay an additional Rs 199 exclusively for Early Access. Moreover it is only valid for 30 days. That means renting a movie. And this twist does not stop there. Validity expires within 48 hours of starting watching the movie. That means if you start watching a movie, you have to finish it in two days.

Being a big-budget movie, Amazon has adopted this approach by buying digital rights for a hefty price. Meanwhile, the same approach is being followed for the upcoming RRR film to be released as a G5 platform. If you want to see Tripular, Rs. 100 must be paid whose validity is seven days.

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