Kantara OTT Release: Sensational Movie Kantara OTT Release? As if not..?

Kantara movie is one of the movies that came as a small movie and got huge success. This movie came without any expectations and created a sensation. Kantara, released in the Kannada industry, was well received by the audience across languages. Kantara movie directed by actor Rishabh Shetty was released in Telugu on 15th of last month. This movie which was released in Kannada earlier received good success. This movie, made with a budget of around 16 crores, created a record by grossing more than 300 crores. This movie is already buzzing in theaters. For the past few days, there have been reports that this movie will be released in OTT. But there is no clarity on when and where this movie will be streamed.

Recently, the posters of ‘Kantara’ on the 24th of November have been doing the rounds on social media. As announced by the digital streaming platform Amazon Prime Video itself, some people have designed some posters and shared them on social media. But it seems that there is no truth in this news. Amazon Prime has not officially announced this yet. But Kantara asked ‘Amazon Help’ about movie streaming and it replied on November 24. However, no announcement was made on the official page. Will this movie come to OTT? That is the question that some people are raising.

However, it is known that the above objections were expressed along with the form of Varaha in this movie. It is known that the Malayalam band ‘Teyyikudum Bridge’ raised objections to this song in ‘Kantara’. But the movie Kantara can’t be imagined without Rishabh Shetty’s performance in this song and climax. That’s why there is talk that Amazon is thinking about an OTT release. Once the song controversy comes to an end, there is a possibility that the OTT of this movie will be clarified.

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