iBomma: iBomma is another big shock for Telugu movie lovers.. Only..!

The iBomma website provides an opportunity to download movies in high-quality for free to those who cannot watch them on OTTs. Many netizens watch their favorite movies on this site. But now there is no chance. The iBomma website has given yet another bad news to Telugu movie lovers. It has announced that the download option of movies has been stopped permanently. It is noteworthy that movies are not being downloaded on this website since yesterday. The iBomma team said that they have stopped downloading movies from the website forever.. You can only watch movies of your choice online. It can be said that many movie lovers are disappointed with this decision. It is known that earlier iBomma made it clear to Indian users that they can watch only the last 30 movies uploaded on the website. Also, Aibomma said that they are shutting down the website as they have been making unnecessary abuse against them. But after that, for some reason, it was a matter of backtracking.

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