iBomma: Chapter of iBomma is over.. No more free quality movies.! How now..

I thought the doll did what it wanted. Ruthlessly shut down his website. The quality of the entertainment provided for free. It hurt the average movie buff following him. S! Aibomma turned everyone towards her from OTT Badudu. Telugu content released in all OTTs has been brought together in one place.. With Out Ads has provided us. The download option has also been enabled.. It has impressed everyone tremendously. With the tag line Quality Matters… became popular all over.

But no matter what, it has been slowly reducing its service. They shocked everyone by giving a note saying that the reason for the decision to shut down the site was the trolls who were coming at them first. After that, Jalak has offered that its latest content will be available for 30 days only. After that, the download option was removed.. It made everyone suspicious as to why Ibomma was doing this. And a fine day.. They published an announcement saying that they are shutting down the site from September 9th. Everyone was disappointed. Movie lovers are in a dilemma as to how to download free quality movies.

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