Guinness World Records: Who are they.. Guinness World Record with applause..

Creating a world record is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work. We have heard about many kinds of world records till now. But did you know that you can also set a unique world record by clapping your hands? Yes, such a record was achieved by a young man from America. How many times can you clap in one minute? Maha means beat 10 to 20 times. But the 20-year-old boy clapped a total of 1140 times in one minute. This young man named Dalton Meyer clapped his hands 19 times in just one second .. and clapped his hands in one minute .. registered his name in the Guinness World Records. Currently he is world famous as the person who claps most times in a minute. According to media reports, Dalton Meyer used wrist clapping technique to create this record. In this technique he claps using wrist and fingers. Dalton Meyer set this unique world record in March itself, but the record was not approved until October 31. However, now this record has been officially accepted.

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