Daggubati Rana: Criticism of Rana Naidu.. Rana who apologized to them.. Request to see alone

Rana Naidu is the first web series starring Daggubati heroes Venkatesh and Rana together. The series was released on March 10 on popular OTT platform Netflix. Although this web series, which is a crime and action drama, is getting positive talk, it is getting negative talk. This is because of the adult content. Also, Venkatesh, who is known as a family hero so far, does not like the fact that he talks nonsense in this movie. Due to this, there are many trolls pushing Ramanaidu. Posts are being shared saying that they did not expect such a thing from Rana-Venky. But despite the talk, Ramanaidu entered the top trending list of Netflix within two days of its release. It is said that ‘Rana Naidu’ series is in the first place in India’s top trending shows. Netflix said this on social media platform. Rana responded to this.. ‘Rana Naidu has apologized to those who are criticizing and hating the series. At the same time, he thanked the audience for giving so much support to his series.

On this occasion, Rana once again appealed to the family not to watch the Rananayudu series. It is said that this is an ‘A’ rated movie and it is for 18 plus age group. Even before the streaming, both Rana and Venkatesh gave a hint about how the Rananayudu series is going to be. Venkatesh who spoke especially during the premiere show.. ‘If you watch this on your laptops and phones at home, the expressions on your face will change completely. Because it has comedy, violence and sex too.’ Despite this, people could not imagine that there would be adult content in this range. That is why trolls are coming on social media against Rananaidu.

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