Chef Mantra: Niveda attends Chef Mantra with her brother.

AHA OTT: Leading OTT platform AHA (AHA OTT) is entertaining the Telugu audience with interesting content. While entertaining with super hit movies and web series on one hand, on the other hand it is providing enough fun to the audience with talk shows like Indian Idols and Unstoppable. In this program, a special chat show called Chef Mantra has been made available for cooking lovers. The famous anchor Sreemukhi acted as the host of this talk show. This is the first talk show developed by Aha’s in-house creative team. All the 8 episodes aired in the first season have impressed the audience. The show was attended by many celebrities from the Telugu film industry along with their favorite chefs. Apart from making their favorite dishes, they reminisced about their sweet memories of their travels in this chatshow. Now these episodes are being aired consecutively on TV9 Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Celebrities like heroine Regina Cassandra, Shriasaran, Suhas, Adivishesh participated in these chatshows and shared their experiences. Young heroine, Vaikunthapuram fame Niveda Pethuraj attended the fifth episode. His younger brother Nishant also participated in this event. On this occasion, they prepared their favorite mash potato dish and fed it with Srimukhi. Niveda shared many interesting things related to her professional and personal life in the same program. And watch the episode of Chefmantra-5 which is very interesting with the conversation between these two.

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