Chef Mantra : ”My mother makes dal worst”.. Priyanka Jawalkar interesting comments

With 100 percent Telugu content, many amazing shows and super hit movies from Aaha are entertaining the audience. Chef Mantra (Chef Mantra) is one of the shows presented by Aha which has already earned a special place for itself in OTT companies. This show hosted by star anchor Sreemukhi became a super hit with good rents. This show, where movie stars cook their favorite dishes and share their personal and movie stories, has impressed the audience tremendously. But now once again the episodes related to this show are being given a chance to be watched once again through the TV 9 Entertainment YouTube channel.

The eighth episode of Chef Mantra is now available for you. In this episode, beauty Priyanka Jawalkar appeared as a guest. Bhama got good recognition as a heroine with the movie Taxiwala. After that she is doing back to back movies and impressing the audience. And in this episode, this beauty said that her mommy is the worst. Also, Priyanka told interesting things that she did not even know that there is tomato pulp. And many more interesting things in the following video.

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