BTS-K Pop: BTS New Album Release .. Impressive Songs..Sold 20 Million Copies In 10 Hours

BTS 9th Anniversary: ​​Korean dramas and Korean songs have fans all over the world. There are a number of bands that own the craze as Kay Pops. Not to mention the craze for BTS, which began its journey 9 years ago. The Korean music band BTS (BTS) is the most popular music band in the world. The boy band, known as BTS (for “Beyond the Scene”), has a worldwide fan following. In this context, BTS has released an album for its “BTS Army” ahead of the 9th anniversary celebrations.

BTS’s new album impresses K-pop fans. Proof of the album has sold over 20 million copies since its release. BTS released the album in the market on Friday. 20 lakh copies were sold within 10 hours of its release.

Has already created a record

In 2020, BTS set a similar record with its fourth album Map of the Soul: 7, the second time since 2020 that the boy band album has sold over two million copies on its first day. Its title is Song Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment). The music video, which was posted on YouTube, received nearly 50 million views.

BTS stands for Bangton Soniondon .. Beyond the Scene. But fans know this Korean band as BTS. There are 7 people in this group. The band was formed by 7 musicians living in South Korea. BTS released its first song 9 years ago i.e. on 12 June 2013. Now the band is celebrating its 9th anniversary. The first album was a super hit and the band was nominated for several international award functions.

BTS winning many awards

So far BTS has won several awards. In addition to the Malone Music Award and the Golden Disc Award, BTS also received the 2014 Soul Music Award for their debut album. In 2016 he again won the Malone Music Award in the Best Music Album category. Not only this, BTS’s 2 music albums also made it to the US Billboard 200. Their second full album, Wings (2016), reached number 26 on the Billboard 200.

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