Brahmamudi Serial: Good luck card for Kartika Deepa from today.

Karthika Deepam serial which created a sensation on Telugu Bully screen will receive auspicious card from today. In this serial place, the new serial ‘Brahmamudi’ Okariki Okarai, starring Bigg Boss runner Manas Nagulapalli and Tamil actress Deepika Rangaraju in lead roles, will come before the audience from tomorrow. If Kartika Deepam stepped on the Telugu screen from Malayalam Matruka.. This Brahmamudi is a remake of Bengali serial ‘Gatchora’.

Manas, the hero from a rich Duggira family.. sees status in everything.. while heroine Deepika pleads for happiness in every little thing she does. A girl with self-esteem as a jewel. The ongoing promos are raising expectations on the serial that Brahmamudi will fall for both the different mindsets. And to know whether it meets the expectations of the audience.. we have to wait for a few hours..

Three heirs to the Duggira family. Manas is playing the elder Rajyavardhan. A character who seeks status in everything.. He dreams of marrying a girl like a pure pearl. The second heir.. Rahul will be known as a playboy. Not only that.. Rahul has the nature to take what he appreciates as his own.. And the third heir.. Rishi’s best friend Gautam of Guppedamanta Manasu fame.. is seen as Kalyan in this. He writes poems.

On the other hand, heroine Kavya’s mother dreams of marrying off her three daughters to the heirs of the Duggiras. Builds mountains in the air. Tamil actress Deepika Rangaraju, who is playing the heroine Kavya, Bigg Boss contestant Hamida, who is playing the younger sister of Kavya, is the first serial in Telugu. Kavya is interested in making clay toys. In the first contact with Manas, it is clear that both have different views and ideas. We have to wait till tomorrow to know how Brahma tied these two people with different mentalities. From January 24, ‘Star Ma’ will be telecast from Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm.

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