Bigg Boss Winner Bindu Madhavi: Bindu Madhavi is the first girl to win the title .. History ..

For the first time in Bigg Boss history, a woman has won. It is learned that Bigg Boss, which has completed five seasons on television, is now streaming non-stop as an OTT platform. (Bigg Boss) The latest reality game show to hit the grand finale on Saturday. Competing hard from the beginning .. Telugammai Bindumadhavi who became famous as a female tiger .. made history by winning the title of Bigg Boss. In each of the tasks .. In the context of the competition with the competition and finally fought bravely. (Bindu Madhavi) Despite the intense competition from contestant Akhil .. with his eloquence .. winning the Bigg Boss title with his intellect .. Rs. 40 lakhs. Bindu became the first woman winner in the history of Bigg Boss. Akhil’s hopes of winning the Bigg Boss title were dashed once again. This time too, Bigg Boss became a non-stop runner-up.

Finally 7 contestants left .. Bindu Madhavi in ​​the first place .. Akhil in the second place .. Anil Rathod and Mitra Sharma were eliminated earlier .. Then Baba Bhaskar was eliminated. Afterwards Ariana paid Rs. Brought out 10 lakhs. Bindu Madhavi and Akhil both reached the Bigg Boss stage after the elimination of anchor Shiva. Afterwards, Nagarjuna asked them about their experiences at the Bigg Boss house and the reasons for coming to the show.

Bindu thanked everyone who supported him and voted for him. Bigg Boss said that he was very happy to receive the trophy. The Bigg Boss title he won was dedicated to the Late Bloomers. Receiving all too late in his life .. Success also tasted too late.

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