Anya’s Tutorial: Unexpected response to Anya’s tutorial trailer .. Streaming anytime ..

The latest web series starring Regina Cassandra and Nivedita Satish in the lead roles is Anya’s Tutorial. The series is being produced by Arca Media, AHA. Director SS Rajamouli launched the trailer on Saturday. The web series of these 7 episodes will be streamed in Ahalo Telugu and Tamil languages ​​from July 1. Another form of fear is ‘Anya’s Tutorial’. Arca Media is all set to launch a brand new web series that has never been seen anywhere before.

The whole world is now moving towards digital. But if the same digital field scares everyone .. the same anas tutorial. Anya (Reported by Satish) is trying to find a social influencer. But Madhu (Regina Cassandra) does not like her sister’s other profession. But suddenly one day the whole thing changes. The whole cyber world is terrified that no one will see. Why? If you want to know that, you have to watch the Annas tutorial. Aha, for their fans, this web series is going to be released in Telugu and Tamil languages.

Nivedita Satish said, “I am a Guntur girl. I wondered when I would set foot in Telugu logs. That art came true today. Arca Media is pleased to announce the launch of the upcoming Annas Tutorial web series on AHAs. Also dubbing myself for this web series. Years later I had the opportunity in my native language. I hope everyone will like and appreciate the Anyas tutorial.

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