AHA: ‘AHA’ is a great opportunity for aspiring singers.. Auditions for Indian Idol season 2, where..

Aha has brought a new trend in the field of OTT. Aaha Anathi, which came as the first Telugu OTT, attracted a large audience. Entertaining with game shows and talk shows. In this sequence, ‘Indian Idol’ is one of the most successful shows on Aha. The first season of Indian Idol entertained the audience with the talent of aspiring singers. Meanwhile, Aaha, which completed the first season successfully, is now coming to the audience with the second season. Aha has already released an official announcement regarding Season 2.

In this order, the organizers are conducting auditions for Indian Idol 2. AHA said that the auditions will be held on January 29 in Hyderabad. These auditions are being organized at St. George’s Grammar High School, Bashirbagh, Hyderabad. Organizers suggest that interested singers attend the auditions. Why late you also want to mesmerize the audience with your voice.? But immediately attend the Aha Indian Idol auditions and showcase your talent.

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