Accident on shooting set .. Van overturns, two actors killed .. Many injured ..

Accidents happen in some cases on the film shooting set. Accidents happen during the screening of action scenes .. Injuries to the actors and others. However makers take many precautions to avoid fatalities in accidents on set. It is learned that there was a loss of life in an accident on the set of Indian 2 movie in the past. One such accident recently occurred on the Baja California Sur Peninsula in Mexico. Two actors were killed and six others were injured in the crash. The shooting took place in the Santa Rosalia area near Baja California. However, a van traveling on the road in the desert area flipped over and crashed into the shooting spot.

Two actors in the van were killed in the crash, while several others on the set were injured. California police identified the dead actors as Remundo Gordano and Juan Francisco Aguilar. According to The Hollywood Report, the accident happened on June 16. The injured appear to be recovering. Netflix has not yet commented on the accident. The Chosen One is a Brazilian thriller web series launched in 2019 based on the American Jesus.

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