Mukhbir-The Story Of A Spy Review: The story will be tied from beginning to end, the espionage thriller series ‘Mukhbir’ is fantastic

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artist: Prakash Raj, Zain Khan, Adil Hussain, Harsh Chhaya, Barkha Bisht, Dilip Shankar, Atul Kumar

the director: Shivam Nair and Jayaprad Desai

the creator: Vaibhav Modi, Tabassum Modi

Editor: Kunal Valve

Genre: spy-thriller

Rating: 3/5

Release Date: 11 November

Mukhbir Movie Review: In today’s era, more than cinema, the increasing craze of OTT is gathering viewers for films and web series. The spy thriller film Mukhbir, which was recently released on OTT, is in discussion these days. People are also liking the content of the film. The web series Mukhbir-The Story of a Spy, released on November 11 on the OTT platform G5, seems to be living up to the criteria of entertainment. The thrill of the story of this film is going to keep you hooked till the end. Not only this, the star cast present in it has also done a great job. This series takes us to the era of 1965 and the brilliant pair of directors Shivam Nair and Jaiprad Desai have done a great job in it. In the series, he has taken full care that there is no repetition in the story, the events keep progressing at a fast pace and his mystery remains intact on the screen till the end.

What does the story of the film say?

‘Mukhbir – The Story of a Spy’ series tells the story of a secret agent who helps India win the war with Pakistan in the year 1965. In this, stars like Jain Khan Durrani, Prakash Raj, Adil Hussain, Zoya Afroz and Barkha Bisht are seen. This is basically the story of Kamran Baksh i.e. Zain Khan Durrani. After India’s defeat at the hands of China in the early 1960s, Pakistani rulers, army and ISI believe that they can take advantage of this opportunity. India’s position is weak and Kashmir and Gujarat can be grabbed by waging a war against it. Whereas, this war goes on for 17 days and finally Pakistan is defeated. After this, he appeals to the United Nations to ask India to stop the war, while Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri has given the green signal to the Indian army to enter Lahore.

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This character was challenging for Jain

Talk about the character of Kamran Baksh in the series, hardly anyone could have played this role better than him. He has thrown himself into this role. The episodes of his going to Pakistan and gradually spying there with his charismatic personality have been shown tremendously. Zain Khan is a Durrani Kashmiri and he has not left any shortcomings in the character of Kamran.

The acting of the star cast is commendable

Apart from Jain, the rest of the star cast of the film has also played a tremendous character. People wait to see the character of Prakash Raj, who is considered the king of acting. At the same time, the performances of Adil Hussain, Harsh Chhaya, Barkha Bisht, Dilip Shankar, Atul Kumar have also shown their acting skills in the film. He has shown such intensity in his characters that the viewer remembers them.

Perfect thriller story of 8 episodes

This series is being successful in competing with many big series of OTT platform. People are also liking this story of eight episodes. The timing of each is about 40 minutes. In this entire series, the set of the sixties has been prepared in a realistic style, which makes the entire locale authentic. The work of art direction and production design is less to be praised. In terms of music, they are better than us who remember someone’s unwritten poems. After watching this series, a freshness will come in both your heart and mind.

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