Movies: ‘Panauti’ brought ‘Bahubali’ for Prabhas, unable to give hit!

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South Star Prabhas (Prabhas) Currently his film ‘Adipurush’ (Prabhas adipurush) are in discussion about. Recently its teaser (Prabhas adipurush teaser) is out. However, the actor and the other actors of the film are facing a lot of trolling on this. Meanwhile, all his fans say that the actor’s film ‘Bahubali’ (Prabhas Bahubali) Has brought a ransom for them. This is because since then the actors have not been able to give any hit (Prabhas hit films). Today we are going to talk to you about this in this article.

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It is worth noting that the actor’s film ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ (Baahubali: The Beginning) Was released in the year 2015. At the same time, its part 2 ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ (Baahubali 2: The Conclusion) Was released on screen in 2017. Both these films of Prabhas did wonders on the screen. With their tremendous earnings, these films also set new records. But the years after that were nothing special for Prabhas. Because since 2018, not a single one of his films failed to do well at the box office.

If you remember, his film ‘Saaho’ in the year 2019 (Saaho) was released. In which Shraddha Kapoor (Prabhas Shraddha Kapoor) shared the screen with the actor. People had high hopes from this film, but their film could not do anything special. Despite having good earnings, people called it a failure due to the high budget.

After which no film of his came for about 3 years due to Corona. In such a situation, his upcoming film ‘Radhe Shyam’ (Prabhas Radhe Shyam) People also had high expectations from him. But this hope also got shattered with the release of the film. ‘Radhe Shyam’ proved to be a flop at the box office. At the same time, now that Prabhas’s upcoming film ‘Adipurush’ (Adipurush teaser) The teaser has been released, so people have started trolling her badly. Seeing the teaser being trolled like this, people have started speculating about its flop. However, now whether the film will be a hit or a flop, it can be known only after its release. Let us tell you that apart from this, the actor also has two big projects. (Prabhas upcoming movies) Huh. In which the names of ‘Salar’ and ‘Project K’ are included.

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