Laal Singh Chaddha’s failure breaks Aamir Khan!

New Delhi:

Actor Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ (Laal Singh Chaddha) remains in constant discussion. The reason for its being in the headlines before its release was boycotted by the people. (Laal Singh Chaddha boycott trend) was to be done. At the same time, now the film’s flop has brought it into the limelight. In such a situation, those who were participants of Boycott Trend, they are very happy. But in the meantime, Aamir recently spoke about the failure of the film. (Aamir Khan on Laal Singh Chaddha flop) The reaction of . Everyone is surprised to know about it. Because they are broken by the failure of the film. So what is the whole matter and how we came to know about the reaction of the actor, we are going to tell you in this article.

According to the report of Bollywood Hungama, a close friend of Aamir and his ex-wife Kiran Rao has given information about this. In which he has told that ‘Aamir worked hard to make the best version of Forrest Gump. but people reject it (Aamir Khan on Laal Singh Chaddha rejection) He is very sad to be done. Let us tell you that due to the opposition of the people, the film has not been able to cross the 50 crore mark even on the fourth day of its release. In such a situation, along with the team of the film, his fans are also a little disappointed. At the same time, all the celebs have also come forward in support of Aamir. However, he too had to face the people. The actors who supported Mr. Perfectionist also faced a similar trend against their film.

Well, with this you should boycott the film. (boycott trend) Let us also tell the reason for doing so. Actually, in the year 2020, Aamir Khan met Erdogan, the First Lady of Turkey. Whereas our country India has differences with Turkey. At the same time, Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao also spoke about the fear for her children in India. Due to these reasons, there has been an impact on the earnings of ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. Let us tell you that during the promotion of the film, Aamir was questioned about boycotting it. On which Aamir said that he regrets that the sentiments of the people were hurt. Along with this, he also talked about respecting the feelings of others. Apart from this, he had also appealed to the people that more and more people should watch the film, because there are many other actors in the film besides him. However, that appeal did not have any significant effect.

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