Jhanvi Kapoor reveals the secret of father’s bathroom, Boney likes this part of the house

Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor has achieved a different identity for herself through her films in the recent past. The actress has made a special place in the hearts of people with her powerful performance. Jhanvi Kapoor currently has many big projects. On which she is also working continuously. The actress is known for her work as well as her bold style. Meanwhile, a video of Jhanvi is going viral very fast on social media.

In this viral video, Jhanvi Kapoor is seen taking a tour of her Chennai home. Actually Vogue has shared a video of Jhanvi on her YouTube. In this video, the actress is showing her Chennai house. This house is very beautiful. Jhanvi also shared her memories related to the details of the house and the things kept in the house. The actress told that it was bought by her mother i.e. Sridevi. This was the first property bought by Sridevi. Which is very special for Jhanvi’s family.

The actress also told that the property was badly damaged due to leakage. But after the death of Sridevi, Boney Kapoor prepared it again. It can be seen in the video that Jhanvi also introduces her to her maternal aunt and cousin. At the same time, Boney Kapoor is also seen in the video, who is very busy with himself. Jhanvi shows her bedroom. Which used to be Sridevi’s room before marriage. After this, once again the actress moves towards her father’s room. But Boney Kapoor is busy with work, so she comes out after showing a small glimpse of the room.

Apart from this, the actress talks about her father’s bathroom. She says that Papa loves his bathroom very much and he shows his bathroom to everyone first. He is very proud of his bathroom. With this, Jhanvi shows an area of ​​the house where all the pictures from Sridevi’s childhood to children are present. This area of ​​the house is very beautiful. Seeing the video, it would not be wrong to say that the family has preserved the memories of Sridevi a lot.

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