Hrithik Roshan: It’s not done

Hamburger Fast-Food Chain Burger King (Burger King) Recently came out with ‘Jugaad’ ad in which he featured Hrithik Roshan. (Hrithik Roshan) This video of him is going viral on the internet. Hrithik Roshan was recently seen in Film City when Burger King did not let go of the chance to click a photo. Coming out of his vanity van, the actor posed for a few photographers before entering the studio. But Hrithik Roshan did not know that behind him was a strategically placed billboard of the fast-food chain, which looks like he is endorsing the Rs 50 stunner menu.

Hrithik Roshan was posing for the paparazzi

People are constantly talking about this clip shared online. In this video, Hrithik can be seen posing for the paparazzi. Two men are holding a large Burger King board that they haven’t let go of this opportunity to advertise their new menu. He cleverly placed that board just behind the Bollywood actor, at the same time as he was posing for the paparazzi.

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Hrithik Roshan captured what happened there. Sharing the video of the advertisement on Twitter, he wrote, Burger King India, it did not do well. However, apologizing on this, Burger King India has said, ‘Sorry Hrithik, we had no other option than this. How much Jugaad is too much jugaad?’

Swiggy, Zomato and Amazon Prime also commented

However, this video shared last week grabbed the attention of people on the internet. Zomato, Spotify and Swiggy were delighted to see this. Spotify India wrote expressing happiness that, ‘Jugaad is playing in the background to feel the energy of the main character of Bollywood.’

Amazon Prime also commented and wrote, ‘Don’t know about free advertising, but we definitely know how to give free entertainment.’ At the same time, Swiggy India also wrote in the form of a joke that, ‘The brands who comment in the comments are the real jugaad.’

Users also did not lag behind in commenting on this

Meanwhile, internet users also started giving their reactions on this video. One user wrote that, ‘This is a misuse of my powers.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Staged but played well.’ While others said about the concept of this advertisement, ‘Great’ idea.

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