How Raju Srivastava decided his journey of earning from Rs 50 to 20 crores, know

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Raju Srivastava (Raju Srivastava) He is a well-known name in the comedy world. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (Raju Srivastava in the great indian laughter challenge) It got recognition among the people. After this the actor never looked back. He earned a lot of fame and wealth. But do you know that there was a day in the life of the actor, when his earnings were only 50 rupees. Now that the comedians are among us (Raju Srivastava death) If not, then today we are their life (Raju Srivastava life) We are going to touch on this aspect and tell you how a common Raju became the emperor of comedy.

Born on December 25, 1963 in Unnao, Kanpur (Raju Srivastava date of birth) Raju Srivastava comes from a middle-class family. His father Rameshchandra Srivastava was a well-known poet. In such a situation, Raju’s childhood was also spent listening and reading lines of poems. But in the meantime he got interested in comedy. Along with this, he was also very fond of mimicry. Raju often used to mimic his teasers in school. Comedians also used to participate actively in school competitions. However, Raju had this hobby at a time when children of most households used to go towards government jobs. In such a situation, his family members did not like his work. Everyone used to be very worried about the fact that if this continues, then what will happen to Raju in the future. But where did he know that if Raju did a government job like every common man, then how would the country get such a great comedian.

Then somehow Raju took Kanpur (Raju Srivastava hometown) Thought of coming out of Mumbai. In which his mother helped a lot. But even after coming to Mayanagari, he could not find a way. Raju stayed at the house of his friends and relatives living there for a long time. But his whereabouts did not stay anywhere for long. Meanwhile, he befriended another comedy legend Johnny Lever. Who asked Raju to come and stay with him. However, he refused to do so. He also drove an auto rickshaw during his struggling days due to lack of money. During which he got his first break through a ride in an auto, however, then he got only 50 rupees for his comedy.

After which he got his first show (Raju Srivastav shows) Mila, whose name was ‘Tea Time Entertainment’. However, this was only the starting ladder. After this he did many films (Raju Srivastava movies) played a role in In which the names of films like ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Baazigar’, ‘Amadani Athani Kharkha Rupaiya’, ‘Big Brother’ are included. But then Raju’s comedy in ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ attracted people towards him. However, Raju could not win that show. But he was successful in establishing his identity from house to house. According to media reports, Raju’s recent net worth (Raju Srivastava net worth) was 20 crores. Every common man’s fan feels proud about Raju, how he made a name for himself in the industry without any ‘godfather’.

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