How do movies get leaked on the internet as soon as they are released? Know what is the whole game of piracy

Bollywood stars and filmmakers prepare their films with great effort. The career of makers and stars depends on their films. The earning of the film is also very important. But as soon as the films are released, they get stolen. Not only this, some films become victims of piracy just a few hours after their release. Due to which the makers have to face a lot of loss and if we talk about the entire industry, till now the makers and producers have suffered crores of losses.

What is the meaning of piracy?

Piracy is considered a type of theft. That is, releasing copyrighted movies, series, videos or any content illegally on websites. There are many websites of piracy movies, on which movies are uploaded as soon as they are released. Now the general public also recognizes these sites very well. Because of which people instead of going to the theatre, download these movies from piracy sites and watch them at home.

A web series has also come up to explain the whole game of piracy. Whose name is Tamilrockers. In this series, it has been shown how illegally movies are uploaded on sites. Piracy directly affects the entertainment industry. Till now the industry has lost billions due to this black business. In the case of piracy, India’s name comes at number three in the world. The names of US and Russia are on the first and second numbers.

It is not that no steps have been taken so far to stop piracy. Till now many laws have been made in India to stop it. But these rules had no effect on piracy. In the past, many Bollywood films had become victims of piracy. Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha and Liger have also come under the grip of piracy. Along with films, it also affects the series. Due to which the earnings figures of Disney Plus Hotstar and Zee Entertainment have fallen significantly. Disney Plus Hotstar and Zee Entertainment have also filed a complaint against piracy.

Piracy got boost in Corona

Piracy sites earned a lot during Corona. According to reports, there was a jump of about 62 percent in piracy during the lockdown. Although it had started long ago. It is believed that earlier CDs, DVDs and websites were the source of piracy, but ever since Telegram has come, the game of piracy is getting bigger day by day.

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