Gaddar | Bandenaka Bandi Katti.. Gaddar that shone for the first time in our land

Gaddar | As a poet, revolutionary and singer Gaddar has left an indelible mark in the hearts of crores of people. Film and political celebrities are expressing shock over his death. Gaddar shined on the silver screen for the first time with the movie Maa Bhoomi starring Saichand, Ramireddy and Telangana Shakuntala in lead roles. Gaddar will be seen in the song Bandenaka Bandi Katti in this movie. This song will stay forever in the hearts of Telugu audience.

Gaddar’s song Malletigaku Pandhri Vole in the movie Orey Rickshaw starring R Narayanamurthy became an all-time evergreen super hit. There is no doubt that the song Podustunna Poddumeeda written by Gaddar in the movie Jai Bolo Telangana, which was released in the background of the Telangana movement in 2011, added more vigor to the movement. With this song, Gaddar once again shined on the silver screen and excited the Telangana movement.

Bandenaka Bandi Katti Song..

A song on the sprouting tree..

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