Drugs Case Clean Chit: Will Aryan Khan go to America for filmmaking course after getting clean chit in drugs case? Learn

Shahrukh Khan (Shahrukh Khan) son of Aryan Khan (Aryan Khan) co cruise drugs case (Cruise Drugs Case) I have got a clean chit. Aryan Khan was arrested on 2 October 2021 from Cruise itself and was kept in jail for 26 days. After getting the bail, Aryan was welcomed to Jordas in Mannat. After a few months, now NCB has given clean chit to Aryan Khan in the cruise drugs case. May 27 has been a very auspicious day for him because on this day Aryan Khan got a clean chit and today is also the birthday of his younger brother Abram Khan. Ever since Aryan Khan has been given a clean chit, there are reports about him that he may go to America to pursue a course in filmmaking.

Aryan Khan can go to America after getting clean chit in drugs case

Now that Aryan Khan has got a clean chit in the cruise drugs case, he is expected to move to the US to study filmmaking. According to India Today, he has been told by a source close to Aryan Khan that, ‘Now that Aryan Khan has got a clean chit, he can now travel internationally legally. He wants to fulfill the plan of filmmaking. Aryan has already pitched a show Amazon Prime Video. And he wants to go into scriptwriting and direct it.

A source about this project told Pinkvilla that, ‘Apart from writing this project, Aryan will also direct it. He has prepared a lot for this and has also taken charge, whose test shoot can be done on Friday and Saturday. Being a part of it and talking about the preparations of the crew, Aryan wants to bring everyone together and understand before the shoot of this project. He is very passionate about this untitled show, and has started work on its pre-production. He will soon finalize the date of shooting.

Aryan Khan arrived alone at Karan Johar’s birthday party

During this, Aryan Khan was recently seen publicly on the occasion of Karan Johar’s 50th birthday. He had reached this party alone. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan had reached this party together.

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